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Austin Area Plumbing has over 40 years of experience as a licensed contractor specializing in all types of plumbing projects, including underground pipe locator services.

Locating buried underground lines is very challenging. Without specialists in plumbing services to perform water line location service, you’ll be wasting time, energy, and money digging and searching for underground lines or damaging a utility line.

A plumber specializing in underground water line locating is essential in repairing your house’s water line and sewer. This technology helps our team provide the property owner with effective and efficient plumbing services. It removes the guesswork from our work, saving the homeowner time and money. 

Locating buried underground lines is complicated. Without water line locator services, you will waste time, energy, and money digging and searching for underground lines. It’s also possible to damage other utility lines underground. 

You can't expect emergency plumbing issues to occur in the areas where you can easily reach them. Sewer and water line locator service is one of the most challenging tasks for plumbers, especially in old buildings. Underground leaks, clogs, breakage, cracks, and other problems are not just expensive to fix but also difficult to reach. 

Locating underground water lines on your private property and repairing them can take a lot of time and money. Your plumber may spend a lot of time digging and searching buried lines without a reliable method to find them. The primary job of underground line repair in your house is line locating. But you don't have to worry about it. Austin Area Plumbing provides effective plumbing services and, in addition, offers financing for large plumbing jobs such as a water line locator.  

How Does Locating Underground Water Lines Work?

Water and sewer line locator equipment and the plumber’s experience are essential in this line of work. We use a special pipe detector for locating underground water line without digging randomly all over your property.

Here is what you can expect instead:

  • The plumber will insert the pipe detector through a drain to find the damaged line
  • The detector will emit a beeping sound when it finds the line
  • The plumber will place a flag over the precise spot to know where to dig if necessary
  • The plumber will insert a camera down the same drain as the detector to inspect the pipe
  • If they identify damage, our team will dig to expose the pipe and perform the necessary repair work.

Once the procedure is finished, our underground pipe locator services specialists will refill the hole with care.

Image of a new orange PVC sewer pipe installed in the ground during house renovation after availing line locating service.

Line Locating Services Indicate Our Commitment to Good Customer Service

Underground line locating is available for locating water lines and drain lines. Our experienced plumber uses the latest equipment to avoid any extra costs. We avoid looking in the wrong places to find the problem. Our video equipment is highly targeted for line locating and identifying the problem. 

Sewer line locator technology helps us provide a fair picture of the required repair work. Sewer lines transfer wastewater to the main tanks. If you are planning to start a home improvement project, you surely do not want to hit the utility and sewer lines during the process. You will need a plumbing service if you plan to install a new sink or toilet. 

There are many benefits the property owner can derive from line locating and other utility lines underground. Here are some benefits of line locating: 

  • Locating the water lines underground faster is a sign of good customer service 
  • It helps prevent huge fees associated with indiscriminate digging 
  • It preserves the landscaping of your front or back yard.

Underground Line Locating Service to Fix Your Plumbing Problems

Locating sewer line with precision is essential for quality plumbing work. Our goal is to minimize the disturbance at your home and repair the damage quickly and effectively. Instead of wasting precious time looking for the leak, we pinpoint the issue within minutes.

This will help minimize flooding and other damage caused by water leaking into your home and property. With underground line locating service, your plumbing will be back in working order in a short time and with reduced costs.

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If you live in Austin and have been searching for “water line locator service near me”, I’ve great news. There are many line locating companies in Austin, TX, so why should you choose Austin Area Plumbing as your underground water line locating company? Here is why. 

Austin Area Plumbing has a master plumber with over 40 years of experience in water line locating services, allowing us to complete jobs efficiently and accurately. We eliminate the problem, identify the cause, and determine a permanent solution to all your plumbing issues. 

You can find Austin Area Plumbing at 2003 N Mays St Suite 102 Round Rock, TX 78665. We provide expert sewer line locator services in and around the following areas:

  • Austin, TX 
  • Round Rock, TX 
  • Georgetown, TX 
  • Killeen, TX 
  • Temple, TX 
  • Taylor, TX 
  • Hutto, TX 
  • Pflugerville, TX 
  • Leander, TX 
  • Cedar Park, TX 
  • Liberty Hill, TX 

Reach out to us before an emergency occurs. You can also get in touch to know more about line locating!


How can I find an underground drain pipe?

There are three ways of identifying a drain pipe running through your property. You can check the official blueprints of the city. The second method is buying a pipe locator and using it to identify the drain. The best method is calling a water line location service contractor to find the drain and fix any potential problem quickly and effectively.

How do you trace underground water lines?

Plumbing specialists use a device called ground penetrating radar (GPR), which is capable of line locating even for PVC pipes. If you have older pipes, a magnet can help with the water line location.

Can you locate buried water lines if the line is damaged or leaking?

The GPR device works best if the soil is not saturated with water to identify the leak. Otherwise, the water line locator specialists will turn off the water at your property and wait for the ground to dry sufficiently so they can use the pipe detector.

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