Trust Us with Your Garbage Disposal Repair in Austin, TX

Trust Us with Your Garbage Disposal Repair in Austin, TX

Get your garbage disposal repaired with effective plumbing services. Whether it’s a leaking sink or a clogged pipe, we have got you covered. Call us for emergency repair.

Imagine you have guests over for a dinner and suddenly your garbage disposal breaks down. A beautiful evening has suddenly turned into a nightmare where you have to juggle entertaining guests and trying to fix a broken electrical circuit. If not maintained properly, a garbage disposal can easily break down, leading to clogged and blocked drains. Professional garbage disposal leak repair services can fix any last-minute emergencies and save your dinner.

The specialists at Austin Area Plumbing provide effective garbage disposal repair service along with other plumbing services to handle any problems that can’t be DIYed. 

What Is Causing Your Garbage Disposal Problems?

Leaking garbage disposal repair is a must in the following cases:

  • Leaking: Identify and fix water leaks early to avoid costly repairs down the road. Leaks often occur at the drainpipe connection or the dishwasher connection. 
  • Draining Problems: Drainage problems often occur due to clogs. Sometimes, clogged pipes can be fixed with an old pair of pliers. If you’re unable to get rid of the clog on your own, that’s when the garbage disposal repair pros come in.
  • Humming Sound: If the garbage disposal refuses to turn on but you can hear a humming sound when flipping the switch, this might mean that the inner flywheel is jammed and you need  humming garbage disposal repair.
  • Silent Switch: if when you flip the switch you don’t hear a humming noise, this is a clear indicator of electrical issues. 

An equipment after garbage disposal leak repair

The garbage disposal repair cost varies based on to the severity of the problem. For example, if the garbage got stuck, you may also need a quick sink leak repair to fix the issue. On average, the repair cost ranges from $70 to $400.

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If you’ve been looking for “the best garbage disposal repair near me” in Texas, your search ends here. Opt for professional plumbing services in the following areas:

  • Round Rock
  • Austin
  • Georgetown
  • Killeen
  • Temple
  • Taylor
  • Hutto
  • Pflugerville
  • Leander
  • Cedar Park
  • Liberty Hill

Austin Area Plumbing is your reliable plumbing maintenance and repair company. If you’re a business owner, you’ll be happy to know that we also offer commercial garbage disposal repair services. 

Call our experienced plumbers today to have your sink garbage disposal repair completed in record time. 

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